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The Bazaar Years
International Center of Photography; NY, NY
Man Ray was an artist of many talents, not the least of which was his photography,
which broke new ground in both the fine art and graphic arts worlds when he was
first published in Harper's Bazaar magazine in the 1920-40's. Women and fashion
figures prominently in his work during this time, ranging from the sublime
to the bizarre.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	23.95	AW5

Another Quick Look
Andre Emmerich Gallery; NY, NY
A montage of Sam Francis watercolors from the late 1950's to the early 1960's, at
the rise of his popularity. Includes an interview with longtime friend and dealer,
Andre  Emmerich.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW6

Thinking with the Brush
ACA Galleries; NY, NY
Richard Pousette-Dart is one of the original Abstract Expressionists, and has recently
begun receiving the notoriety other New York School painters have long enjoyed.
Includes a conversation between Pousette-Dart and his dealer, Martin Bush.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW7

The Last Picture Show
Salander O'Reilly Gallery; NY, NY
This is the last known exhibit that Willem de Kooning could ever attend, due to his
advanced age. An intimate look at the last picture show.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW8

A Look at a Minimalist
Salander O'Reilly; Beverly Hills, CA
A very quick look at this minimalist painter's newest large painted panels, of endless
shapes and colors.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW9

The Prince of Painters
National Gallery of Art; Washington, D.C.
Titian is considered one of the greatest painters of all of art history. This is an exclusive
look at one of the most important art exhibits of the 20th century, and it includes over
70 of the master's works. This enormous popular exhibition was over 50 years in the
making, due to the tremendous expense and difficulties of transporting these revered
icons. Includes an interview with J. Carter Brown.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW10

Out of the Studio
Midtown-Payson Galleries; NY, NY
Jack Levine was first exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum in New
York during the Depression, painting in a tough style known as Social
Realism. To this day he paints with the same socially-charged motivation
with which he speaks. Gangsters and their crowd, as well as the art world,
remain his favorite subjects. Includes an interview with the artist.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW11

Plein Aire Painters
Los Angeles County Museum of Art; L.A., CA
Once called "The Wild Beasts," these artists painted vibrant, colorful landscapes
outside in the open air. They were considered radical in their day because of
their use of bold colors without regard to naturalistic concerns. Artists such as
Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Claude Derain and their Circle are represented
from 1904-1908.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW12

The American Independence Movement
The Phillips Collection; Washington, D.C.
A survey of paintings by The Eight, a group of artists attempting to break out of
the art establishment that dominated the early part of the 20th century.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW13

Quilts and Bedcovers from 1700-1900
Los Angeles County Museum of Art; L.A., CA
American history is recorded from a unique perspective, in these beautiful and
rare examples of figurative quilt making.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW14

Don't Want No Retro...
Museum of Contemporary Art; L.A., CA
An exclusive look at some of the finest examples of this modern artist's body of
work, from the early 1960's to the present day. He is considered one of the first
modern conceptual artists.
(1992/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW15

Architecture from 1960-1990
Museum of Contemporary Art; L.A., CA
An interview with the soft-spoken architect of MOCA, and a look at some examples
of his symbolically imaginative buildings.
(1992/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW16

Seta Manoukian and Missak Terzian
Sherry Frumkin Gallery; Santa Monica, CA
These two painters are originally from Beirut, Lebanon. Both combine the human
figure with various methods of abstraction. Includes interviews with the artists in
French and English.
(1992/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW17

The Erotic Paintings
Robert Berman Gallery; Santa Monica, CA
This painter adapts various styles of ancient art into modern artwork. Their erotic
content is startling at first glance because of the assumptions many viewers make
about ancient art.
(1992/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW18

L.A. ART FAIR 1990
Another Quick Take
Los Angeles Convention Center; L.A., CA
Scenes from an important international art fair, including interviews
and guest speakers.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW19

The Cutting Edge
Willoughby Sharp Gallery; NY, NY
This infamous artist-publisher-turned-gallery owner has a keen eye
for the cutting edge in the art world. A day-in-the-life seen from an
intimate perspective. Includes a lively discussion between Mr. Sharp
and Charles Finch of The Real Art Gallery.
(1991/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW20

Faces and Masks
Artist's Studio; NY, NY
This artist makes masks and paints startling portraits that are both
realistic and abstracted. Includes a conversation with Willoughby Sharp.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW21

Facing the Critics
Willoughby Sharp Gallery; NY, NY
An artist who received much notoriety in the late 1980's, Prol has recently
returned from self-imposed exile to answer both his fans and his critics.
Includes an interview by Willoughby Sharp in the artist's studio.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW22

Paintings on Metal
Willoughby Sharp Gallery; NY, NY
The artist paints on found metal objects, and we watch as he prepares for
his opening on a warm Saturday evening in Soho.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW23

The Elusive Figure
Academy of Art College; San Francisco, CA
This well-known Korean artist creates spiritual, beautiful canvases that
emphasize the curves of the human body. Includes an interview with the
artist in his native tongue.
(1995/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW24

The Monoprint Studio
Aurobora Press Gallery; San Francisco, CA
Located in one of the oldest buildings in downtown, this fire house has
been revived as a place where artists can work through their ideas in a
nurturing, comfortable setting. Includes an interview with the
gallery director.
(1995/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW25

Art Out West
Art West Magazine; San Francisco, CA
Watch this lively interview with David Raymond, collector, artist, and
editor-in-chief of Art West Magazine.
(1996/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW26

Palette Knife Portraits
Artist's Studio; San Francisco, CA
Nelson (No, there is no last name...) paints on raw wood panels, using oil
paint, and only with a palette knife. He paints portraits and figures that
are at once haunting and sublime.
(1995/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW27

Fun crime and Art
Empty Lot; Venice, CA
Mark Munski is an artist who often uses graffiti as a jumping off point,
both for his method and his chosen ground, which is usually an unused
wall. Watch as he creates his piece as the sun goes down.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW28

Small and Large Works
Artist's Studio, NY, NY
Interview with the artist by Willoughby Sharp.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW29

A Portrait of Gloriane Harris
Artist's Studio, Mar Vista, CA
Gloriane Harris is an artist whose chosen subject is the ocean and it's environs.
Watch as we visit her studio as she explains her classical glazing technique and
she visits the source of her work, the Channel Islands off the coast of
Southern California.
(1984/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW30

The Bronze Commission
Long Island Foundry; Long Island City; NY
Watch as several artists work in the foundry, making sand-casting molds,
supervising the pouring of molten bronze, all the way through to the final
grinding and patina process.
(1991/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW31

Everybody's a Buddha
Continental Cable TV Studio, Hollywood, CA
Bob Branaman is a filmmaker, print maker, and painter whose work
encompasses a broad range of subject matter, from the treatment of
aboriginal people of America, to his love of the female form. This
interview with producer Juri Koll includes and books and artwork
not seen since the early sixties.
(1995/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW32

Little Objects
Artist's Studio; NY, NY
This interview by Willoughby Sharp captures the artist's sensibility for
the nature of small objects, making art using everyday materials seemingly
found around the house.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW33
The Vessel
Artist's Studio; NY, NY
A sculptor and painter, Edelstein creates organically shaped vessels of the
mind. Includes a conversation with the artist as he works in his studio.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW34

The Artifact in Art
Artist's Studio; Venice, CA
Join us as Juri Koll, an artist who paints with rich, vibrant color, takes us
on a journey up the coast through his paintings of Chumash Indian
ceremonial artifacts.
(1998/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW35

The Real Thing
The Real Art Gallery; NY, NY
This documents an art opening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at
Charles Finch's gallery. Includes an interview with the artist.
(1990/Color/VHS/24 minutes) 	34.95	AW1

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